What’s happening at an Accident ?

Sir Isaac Newton’s second law describes the relationship between the mass, its acceleration, and the force applied to it. This is not a new thing, but there are two main points of this law. One thing is that when the force applied to a particular object increases its acceleration. For example. When you increase your car’s engine power, you can adjust the speed of your car accordingly. According to this second law, the mass of an object and the acceleration are multiplied, and the volume of force involved in the object can be found. (f = mv)

The mass is called the mass of the object under accretion. Many of us, though, have the same meaning as the mass and the weight, but it is not entirely correct. Because the weight of an object depends on the gravitational force that prevails when it is weighed. For example, the weight of a body with less gravity than the earth drops in the body. But the mass means that there is a low proportion of all material carried in an object.In other words, the entire atom contained in that object.

When your seat belt is not in the seat belt, the damage to the accident is much higher than that of the seat belt. How is this happening?
According to this law, when you are driving at a speed of 70 km / h, I would suddenly slip the car and crash at a tree on the side of the road. What can happen then is something that can be explained in the twins’ terms?
In the course of the race you and your driver were inertia. In simpler terms, the word “incident” means the way you are and your own perception of the work being done, that is, running at a speed of 70 miles per hour. This inertial condition can continue to exist, unless some force is used. But when the tree fell on the tree, the vehicle stopped using the tree. However, if you are not wearing a safety belt, you will not directly succumb to the force applied by the tree. So your body is constantly moving at the same speed as the inertial conditions. In words of Newton, you are in a ‘uniform acceleration’. If your uniform acceleration does not change the body directly to your body, then your body moves forward with steady acceleration.If you do not wear seat belt, do not let go ahead. Therefore, you are hit by a hurricane or some other kind of injuries
The airbag in the steering wheel, with a seat belt and a vehicle collision, reduces the risk of your body going out of control with less power. The speed of the body is controlled much faster than the steering wheel or any other seriousness, and the speed of movement of the body is much less important than the speed and momentum of the vehicle. In such cases, the motion of the seat belt and the seat belt are not tolerated. But with the seat belts and the sophisticated modern technology, it’s not so hard for your body to change the power of movement.