SRS Air Bags

Many cars have a Sterling Wheel and a Dashboard lifeboat called Airbags. Some of these car makers are referred to as SRS AIR BAG. These SRS tags are the Supplementary Restraint System or Secondary Restraint System.
In a collision-mongering, there are two passenger protection systems known as Active safety system and Passive safety system. Passive safety systems consist of seat belts and air bags

In the car’s passenger protection systems, seat belts are called Primary Restraint Systems (PRS). The seat belt belonging to the Primary Restraint Systems belongs to the passenger compartment
Minimize Minimize the rear seat belt is designed to prevent deterrence and airbag leakage.Secondly, the Air Bag system is said to be a Supplementary Restraint System or a Secondary Restraint System. However, a large number of casualties and fatal accidents may result in air bag fumes.
Air bags are usually placed on a dashboard when the car is packed with air bags. It will check that the airbag system is automatically tested and defective in the system. Once the self test is completed, the air bag will ship with the Warning Lighter Usually it takes about 4-7 seconds.If it does not happen during that time, if the car is loading a Vortex Lights flashlight or when the Air Bag is not loading the Vortex Lights when the engine is booted, immediately get the latest car dealer through the Airbag system.
Airbags need not be worn in car seat belts and are designed to work together to maximize safety. The seat belts have been correctly positioned by the seat belt and the passengers are correctly positioned in the air bag and the passenger and passenger slowly sweep the air bag It does not make it into the air bag or the driver.Along bags also provide a direct (cushion) protection for the driver and front passengers’ head and chest.
Many airbags have been made by combining sodium azide with nitrogen, which is usually blown up, and usually airbags have not been fully inflated within a short period of 50 milliseconds in a collision-stricken conflict, but enough to cause air bags to explode / Conflict force must be recognized through the crush sensor Also, the air bag inflates with more than 200 pace
The air bag explosion is excessively heavy, and sometimes smoke and powder are released, and the driver or passenger’s appearance of the air in the air bag is suddenly no longer visible in the air after the explosion.
Airbags are designed to be operated once, and airbags in any airbag blast and then air bags will no longer be safe, as new airbags should then be used.
According to the plans of the car and the baggage system, air bags do not operate in certain confrontations, and this may not be due to the angle of conflict or the distance of the conflict from the censor.
It is important to keep the airbags and the frontal distance between the driver’s seat and the airbags at a rapid pace. The driver’s seat and calf are at a minimum distance of about 25 cm. As a result, the air bag is very close to the surface, The driver’s seat must not go too far as it can even cause death. Also, the complete trailer seat, including the shoulder, Ṭīma not break the driver’s seat anatava (back seat) must be adjusted so that further.
There are different speeds in the airbag slippage, while the airbag belts have lower speeds and lower velocities in the seat belt requirements of the seat belt, and the correct belt wearing belt and seat belt and the seat are correctly calibrated for the explosion It has been protected from air bags, designed to burst at less than 24 psi..Once, some vehicles have been designed to blast only at more than 25 kms. In some countries, air bags have not been designed to cause explosions in such low speeds, and have exploded in low speed collisions, since there is no such need. slows.
Airbag information and warnings are usually described in the Odors Motorbuil for the car and are additionally provided with additional information, front passenger sun visors, front passenger’s door locks and airbags are attached to the stickers / labels placed on the spot.
Modern ABS brakes prevent the collision of a car, but it is important to purchase a car with extra safety when buying an automobile because it can not be avoided by all the crashes. In today’s world of cars, airbags and seat belts Many lives have been safeguarded from most of the risks in the car. That’s why driving a car with air bags S, it will cause the established more peace of mind.