Let’s get to know about car scanners

In auto repair, often scanners or scanners are used. In such cases, we often say, “This vehicle does not work with a scanner” or “This vehicle does not print our scanners”. Or “things do not show anything on the scanner of the vehicle lights in the car”. Indeed, why are such occasions? In order to cope with these situations, our understanding of scanners should be of some degree
What Is Scanner? You already know that a scanner is a device that can communicate with the car’s controlling devices, and that technicians need a device that can detect the faults of the car through communication. Yes, the opinion is right. However, this can be done in a precise way. This can be done by scanners.

1. Fault Diagnosis and Repair
2. Active Data Checking (Active Data Checking and Recording
3. Component Activation and Diagnosis
4. Programming (Programming)
5. Re-Programming
6. Formatting (Configuration)
7. Network Connectivity (Online Connect with Manufacture)

More information about this can be found in our future articles. You can find out more about the above facts from every scanner we know all about. Know the reason you need to know as much about the scanners as possible.

Scanner can be divided into two parts
1. OEM Scanner (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
2. Generic Scanner

OEM Scanner (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEM is called a manufacturer that produces some devices as required by their manufacturer at their request. This is a system that follows many manufacturers in the world. This method is now common in the world of scanners as well. Most automotive manufacturers have chosen their vehicles to manufacture scanners in whole or in part, by manufacturing companies An OEM scan tool is capable of accessing a fully automated computer system. Only a manufacturer of scan tool can do this by the manufacturer and the authorized dealers of the company. We think of the Original Scan Tool as a tool for scanning. Some of the most prestigious automotive companies in the world are listed on the following charts

Toyota – Toyota Techstream
Nissan – Consult
Benz – Star Diagnosis Tool
Honda – Honda Diagnostic System (HDS)
Suzuki – Suzuki Diagnostic Tool (SDT)
Mitsubishi – Multi Use Tester (MUT)

In this way, the only thing that can be said about the car is a scan tool with only a manufacturer. It is also not possible to scan these scanners for a car for other car vendors.

Generic Scanner –

We often buy such scanners. A generic scan tool can be referred to as a scan tool without the vehicle manufacturer’s descent. Also, this type of scan tool can be carved into a number of automobile manufacturers. Thus, Generic Scan Tool companies also exist in the world. However, it’s not the ability to enter the entire computer scanning machine on a Generic scan tool. Therefore, the above facts cannot be achieved with a Generic Scanned

Generic Scan Tool will be based in curved form. It’s easy to understand it by an explanation

A is a company that manufactures a Generic Scanner. They need them to fit x with the vehicle manufacturer’s vehicle, or they need to produce a repacking scanners. The company is officially bringing the company X to the marketplace and explaining its need. According to the request, ax’s automotive product company will provide Scanner A with access data to access their car’s computer controls.
Where the request is approved or refused, as well as the amount of data provided depends on the cooperation between the two companies. If there is more collaboration, more data can be obtained for A and therefore their scanners are very supportive of A’s vehicle companies. Following this method

Company A comes with other automotive manufacturers and produces their own scanners. It’s important to remember that the auto-enabled model is the one that we can use to check the Generic Scanner for the previously announced collaboration.

Also, according to OBD II International, any vehicle manufacturing company needs to produce a certain amount of computer control access data in the same way (in particular, engine and overhead gas control systems). Scanner, for example, has scanners that can be manufactured to a lesser extent with any of its systems, regardless of the car manufacturer’s special interaction. But depending on most systems and the amount of work you can do depends on the collaboration you previously had. Also, some scanners are using scams and pre-recorded access data to produce ultra low cost scanners and market. It’s difficult to have a look at the results and repairs made by such a scanners.