What happens if a thermostat valve is removed in a car?

Removing the Tharmastat valve in a car will prevent the engine from activating the engine and operate at a cooler temperature. However, it will prevent overeating, but it will increase fuel consumption and will affect engine oils and viscosity.

The tampager sider will tell the engine control unit that the engine is cool, so that the engine is increased to assist the engine quickly to bring it to operating temperature, and when the engine comes to a temperature, the fuel is usually delivered In this case, the oxygen sender is not running, because the engine does not light up the engine, and the engine controls the way the close loop works. Now, let’s see how this affects the engine’s performance when the ValveStart valve is removed. .The engine is cooler when the Thurstat valve is removed, then the engine control unit is notified that the temperature is lowered by the coolant timpreme sender. When the engine unit starts close loop, it will be given more fuel. The engine has no valve, The engine control unit also frequently supplies more fuel and engine needs Try to get the job done. As a result, fuel consumption is increased and excess fuel can cause bicycle washers and cause an unsuccessful engine failure.And also in the car’s cold case, the heating system of the car does not even heat enough to heat the cabin and to defrost the windows in a timely manner.There are small cylinders filled with wax filled in a vehicle with a thermostat valve in the engine. Manufacturers have prepared this wax at approximately Celsius 85 degrees, and the wax in this cylinder will expand through the small lever and release the valve. When the valve is opened, the coolant cools down to the radiator to cool it and closes it, when it is closed when it is closed, and the Kulent Thermostat Bypass Valve travels directly through the water pump and travels through the engine block.

When the car progresses, the radiator through the fins in the radiator cools the coolant coolant, and when the cooling is not enough, Fan produces additional air through the radiator to maintain the correct operating temperature. Also, in the car’s heaters, the valves are opened to allow you to travel through the small radiator (Hotter Kör) in the car’s coolant car, while Blown Fan in the car will allow the vehicle to warm through the car through hot air through Hitter Corner It’s drawn to it.Therefore, if you get a temporary solution, by getting a temporary solution by removing the Thermostat valve (as there are a number of holes in the Thermeets valve) and by electro-blower fan by failing to identify engine-to-Heat conditions and by electrolyzer fan, you will not be unaware that it will adversely affect your vehicle .