Changes between spark plug

Spark Plug is a common maintenance item in a spark ignition car and is just as DIY (Do It Yourself) as it is not too difficult to download and transfer to other car parts. So today we’re talking about the differences between spark park

How do I choose Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs Many people face the problem with what type of spark plug fit for their car. It’s exactly what the manufacturer needs to know about what exactly is needed for a motorcycle engine, because the fitting and designed spark plug fits these requirements. The shortest answer to this is the Odors Funul Railroad to have that type only plug
However, according to “hot” or “cold” spark plug, there is some fun performance or advantage. Some modifiable engines sometimes only have a specific spark plug. In the choice of a spark plug, Let’s see what you need to know about.

What are the differences between spark plugs?

Let’s start with two of the most important issues

• Spark plugging occurs at the sharpest point of the central plug of the central plug of the central electrode, and on the other side of the ejector, spark jumping occurs. Therefore, spark plugs must be hot to the hotter points for running thousands of miles Accordingly, the conventional Copper / Nickel Aloe Spark Plug is more resistant to high temperatures, such as platinum and iridium, rather than spark plugs, making it more resistant to heat / drainage

• The second point is that the small diameter of the medium electrode is weaker, and the fact that the basic spark is low is the low voltage.
The world’s largest spark plug manufacturers produce 4 different spark plugs. So how do you know which spark plugs are best for buying spark plugs?
These tips will help you identify the difference between platinum spark plug, copper / nickel Alloy spark plug and iridium spark plug and other spark plugs and get the best spark plug for the car.

• Copper spark plug

Each electrode consists of a thick electroplated solid copper medium electrode and a nickel alloy with a 2.5 mm diameter thickness. All of these types have a medium electrode with the largest diameter of spark plugs, but these are copper spark plugs. Spark Plugs have the capability to create a basic spark plug in a small diameter, so low diameters are sufficient, so copper / nickel alloys can be replaced by a soft spark plug with soft platinum or iridium. Therefore, due to the flaw in copper plugs, Some applications may say they are a good choice.
Especially in older cars with earlier low-cost discharge star ignition systems, this copper spark plug can be said to be the best type in the 1980s.

Also, copper spark plugs should not be used for high-voltage dithering non-stop ignition systems (DIS) or coil-on-plug (ignition) ignition systems, which is due to the rapid charging of the voltage.

However, some high performance car engines have been specially designed for copper spark plugs. In cases where copper spark plugs are considered to be high-performance spark plugs, if their cars are called copper spark plugs in their cars, instead of platinum spark plug Or Iridium spark plugs should not be changed.

• Single Platinum spark plug

Usually platinum plug-in plug-copper plug-in plugs can be identified as a post-type.A platinum disk in this type of spark plug has been blown to the middle electrode.
Platinum is more robust than nickel alloy, so it is possible to use it for about 100,000 km. The new plug-in expansion plug-in system is a platinum plug-in system that is better, and if the neoplan is called the platnum plug-in spark plug, use a copper spark plug You should not. However, double-tipped platenum can be used for spark plug or iridium spark plugs. Singling Tipps are considered as “hotter” spark plugs, which prevent spark plugs from raking and depositing.

• Double platinum spark plug

Double platinum is designed for spark plugs, “waste spark”. In the Vost spark system, a compressor is switched on a cylinder at one of the central electrodes, sparking to the ground electrode through the central electrode, and then returning the electrical oils to the partner cylinder Ignition coil (through the electrode to the central electrode) each Apassaṭa crackdown incident. These systems do not use single platinum plug-posts or conventional copper plug-sock plugs to use Reverse Spark, but they can be used for double tip platinum spark plugs. They work perfectly on both sides of the platinum tip and work well. The platinum tip of both the medium and the green electrode is sharp, so the spark can quickly travel between the two electrodes.

If you want double platinum to use spark plugs, use the double spark plug instead of platinum or copper / nickel alloi spark plug instead. However, the Iridium / Platinum Plugs ( Plate gland electrodes and type plug with a core electrode) Can be confirmed.

• Iridium spark plug
The best type of spark plug is the iridium spark plug. Due to the tightness of the Iridium Platinum, Iridium Spark Plugin Plug-in Spark Plugs are often more than 25% longer than Iridium platinum. The Iridium Producers have reduced the diameter of the middle electrode of the middle electrode with a core of less than 0.4mm. In addition to saving money, the iridium spark plug has a very sharp center electrode, which increases IPv6 performance.

According to most automakers, coil-orang-based systems require iridium or iridium / platinum compact adhesive plugs. If you are asked to use only Irisium spark plug in the Automobile system, you must not use a platinum spark plug, double platinum spark plug or copper / nickel Alloy spark plug. The reason is that they are not implemented in the form of Iridium Spark Plug.