Vehicle Emissions Determination

There is an error in the smoke in the exhaust gas! In a good, high-performance condition, the gasoline engine does not need to emit smoke from the gas. The exhaust gas is normal, there is an error.

Exhaust gas

Blue smoke
This means that engine oil burns. This cause is usually caused by the discharge of the sealed valves, seals or valves, or cylinders that have been fired or broken or broken or broken. Piston rings can be damaged. At the end of the burner flush, the cantilever may be damaged by the oxygen sensor. Leveling of the engine is risky and the risk of losing oil prone is increased.

White smoke

This means that the engine is coolant or transformer oil. If it’s smoked coolant, it could be due to a head gasket or explosive cylinder head. Due to the over current smoke, due to the engine, Transmission Vacuum Hose is pumped up by the Transal oil.
If it is a diesel engine, the engine may be flying unconsolidated or maybe coolant. Some white smoke especially during extremely cold weather, the engine is normal in the start of a cold. If there is continuous white smoke in the track, there is a problem. The injector timing or cylinders Compression may be one or more.

Black smoke

Black smoke Old diesel engines are usually the engine of starvation or heavy agglutination. But no new cars or clean diesel trucks can have black smoke (with electronic controls and hypercharge component-injector)

If it is a black gas engine in a vehicle with a gas engine, it’s a characteristic of a rich fuel mixture. It is normal for black exhaust to accelerate acceleration, but under normal running conditions, the exhaust fumes must be inaccurate and transparent. If smoke is emitted and if excessive black carbon is deposited inside the end of the Sylvan, it has a state of combustion Claims to be.
The old carburetor has unusual fuel consumption and black smoke that can cause the carburetor to be filled with fuel or hole, an automated choke system with a faulty or incorrect U.Sc. System, a wrong UcSenter (very low) or impaired fuel filters.
A new vehicle with a gassed fuel beverage may have black outlet smoke, with one or more injectors being leaked. More than that, fuel pressure (trapped fuel pressure regulator), flawed Air marsh sender (MAF) or oxygen sans or defective engines Computer (ECU)

In the case of heavy-weight acceleration of diesel engines in diesel engines, if the engine continues to emit black smoke, the engine is getting too much fuel. It may be a problem with the wrong Injection timing or injection control system.

How is venting soaked?

Blue smoke

Check whether oil is oiled. Check the oil level if the oil level is low. If the oil level is low, add the oils to the oil column if they need to be refilled full / max. Miner oil level Damage to Engine! Does a leak-down test or leak test to determine if the piston or ring is lost?

White smoke

If there is a coolant, there is a spillover of the exhaust gas from the exhaust gas tank and a slightly sweet smell. If there is any oil on the cruise oil, it contains a transmissive fluid. Check the level and transmission fluid levels. This low level of humidity and / If heats have been made, check the cooling system pressure and keep the pressure back. If not, there may be a gusset gaskets and it may be necessary to change it valve. If the transmission fluids are low, check the integrity of the vacuum hose from the transmitter from the transmission to the full mark, and add it to the full mark. In case of fluid fluctuations, switch the transmitting modulator fan valve.

Black smoke
Check the automotive choke adjustments and operations if the engine is old. Check the fuel pressure if the engine is new. Check the fuel pressure. Check the jar filter. Check the OBD (Onboard Diagnostic) system for each Censor Error Code. The fuel status is checked by identifying the fault codes (P0172 or P0175), and the engine lights.

The reason for the smoke depends on the cause of the outflow of smoke. If the oil oils (blue smoke) fires, it will often require a welding and / or piston ring, and an overhauling engine.
Engine internal coolant (white smoke) will leak if the cylinder heads are plugged in head gaskets. If there is so much non-stop repair option, add the cooling system head gasket sealer bottle to the cooling system (at least temporarily ) .A lot of these products work well and spend money on repair or vehicle sales or marketing You can decide whether to trade. If there is black impeller with older carburetors, if there is black smoke, it will be necessary to have a carburetor work. If the normal Choke system or the normal fuel / air mixture cannot be reprocessed, the carburetor or choke system should be repaired or re-routed.

If a new vehicle is running with a fossil fuel injected with fuel injection and if black opens out, check if there is a scan tool for the OBD diagnostic link and check for any error messages associated with any fuel or censor. Using the fuel trim data on the fuel trim data Look at short-term and long-term fuel trim (STFT and LTFT) if possible. If the fuel triple number is less than 8 (-8) it confirms that the engine runs with a sprinkling mix.
The fuel pressure and fuel pressure required to determine the diagnostic requirements will need to be checked by the regulator. If it’s normal, check the next step leak. Inquire. Inspect the stock and check. If you can see the deposit boxes (black deposits), which cylinder is running with unusual fuel mixtures and what the trigger problem is in which engine trigger are available.