Tomorrow”s vehicle technology

Fuel economy in the middle of a transformation in the way that vehicles are being designed and developed to meet the needs of consumers across the globe whether it’s electrification to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions are autonomous features to make the cars more safe and more convenient this transformation is going to change how batteries are being used in these vehicles now and into the future batteries change dramatically in the last 10 years

we’ve seen it shipped from being primarily to being part of the overall emissions reduction fuel economy part of the vehicle performance we’re going to see now is it becomes even more critical to Safe operations vehicles in future electrified Vehicles make their way into the car park even they will require batteries about 15 years ago in response to increasing admission requirements particularly in Europe we saw the Advent of a technology called start stop what start stop does really allows the engine to shut off when it doesn’t need to be running whether that’s at a stop light or stop sign and during that time the battery has to take all the electrical loads of the vehicle this is a new challenge to the technology and required advanced technology batteries from clarius more recently we’ve seen the Advent of mild hybrid technology in that system the trouble batteries Perry with a 48 volt lithium ion battery to liver significant better missions before the battery still require larger multi battery system to deliver significantly increased performance pronouncing a class of Technologies

we call a SUV and actually be really covers a range of vehicle Technologies from Full hybrids all the way to battery electric vehicles including plug-in hybrid so across all these different Technologies from start-stop to fully electric vehicles that are in the market today Advanced global technology is absolutely critical to ensuring that they’re not only safe and reliable but deliver on their missions require so when you’re coming up to a battery electric car the first thing to know is that the actual title to battery isn’t connected it’s not doing anything at that moment so when you come up with that car and you press the key fob and the lights come on and doors unlock all the power to do all of that is coming from Kobo battery

I have Ultra battery is not able to start the car and I’m selling it needs a 12 volt battery to an able to connectors when it’s going to start driving the high-voltage battery is really providing all of the Power for the vehicle not only what’s going to the wheels but also was powering the radio or the lights the 12 volt battery is still there is being recharged your many loads it might have been used while the key was off and in case that there might be some Peak load particularly when the steering is being used that 12 volt battery still there to cover any Pete loads required while we’re driving if there was an issue with the high-voltage system or the high-voltage battery and that system was disabled and you could lose power to the vehicle you still need to be able to get the car to the side and Robbie you still need to have the steering system work you still need to have the brake system work in the pool battery would provide that power the next step is moving to a more fully autonomous vehicles that rely on things like lidar radar in very Advanced Computing technology Technologies to PennDOT absolutely stable reliable power and a core part of delivering that powers the 12 volt battery with a full range of products all the way from standard flooded batteries AGM and including lithium-ion technology we’re prepared to meet the future needs of our customers