electric motors

Vehicles equipped with hybrid Synergy Drive are powered by a combination of a gasoline engine and electric motors depending on the driving conditions the car’s Wheels may be driven by either the gasoline engine or the electric motors individually or by both at the same time and energy to drive the electric motors comes from
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Electric Vehicle Technology

When it comes to electric vehicles there are so many choices in the market behave to wheelers of four wheelers cars around The Wiggles powered by electricity and not fossil fuels this is exactly what an electrical vehicle is looking to make the transition from a traditional powered car to a fully electrical you see
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Tomorrow"s vehicle technology

Fuel economy in the middle of a transformation in the way that vehicles are being designed and developed to meet the needs of consumers across the globe whether it’s electrification to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions are autonomous features to make the cars more safe and more convenient this transformation is going to change
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