Computers and Modern Vehicles -Part 4

There is a brief description of the sensors in the vehicle and the modules of computers in other words.

You know that in the past, there were no computers in the engines. So even though those engines are more efficient than the engines they have today, there is an additional problem when it comes to the newer version of computer engines. That is, increasing the complexity of the vehicle. This new system, as compared to the old one, requires the technician to learn the engine and the vehicle efficiently, but also learn the new. According to an original toilet, the computer code in a high-end vehicle is more expensive than some fighter jets.Does this mean that if you are going to build a vehicle, you will learn how to operate aircraft? No, not at all! Those codes will be used in the work computer. That’s how computers are designed by automotive engineers. As auto maintenance technicians, or maintenance engineers, we don’t have to worry about them.
For those who just want to learn more about those codes, there are opportunities to learn more. But as far as car owners have learned, there is no direct benefit to the maintenance of the vehicle. But this knowledge is valuable when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Because it knows what’s going on inside the vehicle, the mechanic is worth it. You’ve probably heard of the ECU module. What it does is help the engine directly. But PCM (Powertrain control modules). There are two or maybe three modules in that module. They include the ECU and the Transmission Control Unit. Next, the PCM is connected to the vehicle’s serial bus network.These types can vary from vehicle to vehicle. {This is not another PCM (Pulse code modulation) modular signaling system. You now know that PCM, in general, has 32 bits (16 bits in the past) in powertrain control modules. That’s less than the processing power of a normal computer. Anyone who knows a computer knows how to find the speed and speed of the computer he / she uses. (Go to Start -> Control Panel or right click My Computer -> Properties.
There are two reasons why a vehicle does not need such a processing power model. One reason is to increase the efficiency of its code and simplify the code. Another reason is that the speed of a vehicle is thousands of times larger than the speed of a computer. That means your small computer is faster than the fastest car in the world.

One of the most important functions of a PCM computer such as the ECU is to eliminate the pollution of the surrounding atmosphere. The old-fashioned ECU did not receive such an error code. At that time, he was unable to find some vehicle bass and got sick. So there are times when some people say, “Sir, this piece of shit doesn’t work.” When a sensor goes down, the whole vehicle stays. The check engine light is on, but the vehicle is not running. Gross ECU computers like this one are no longer used in vehicles. But even now, if the catalytic converter is destroyed, there are those who remove the metal parts inside the device. It’s wrong.
If you are a lover of the environment who knows the risks to the environment, it is important to understand it responsibly. I take this opportunity to say something about Sri Lanka this time. In the recent times in Sri Lanka, vehicle emission testing is required before a vehicle can be registered. It is vital to the cleanliness of the air we breathe in the environment.
Due to smoke testing, the air in a city with a large number of vehicles is cleaned up. Also, a slow-acting oxygen sensor, an erroneous airflow sensor, etc., makes the vehicle ineffective and emit hazardous gases. So checking that smoke is good for the environment and for your pocket.
Diagnosis System There is an accepted way to test the computer system on a vehicle. It’s called OBD II. It is the second generation of On Board Diagnostics. Although this system was introduced in 1994, the most advanced method was introduced in 1996. This method is used in all reputable cars and small trucks. (Acceptance does not mean that vehicles are not made in India without laws. There must be some law.India and China have no laws. It’s bad to blame that driver for the way a three-wheeler travels. Whoever it was, the road was made so that you could hit the U of Torn.)Let’s get back to the OBD II story. (Onboard diagnostics second generation). The vehicle’s look up table contains data on the amount of toxic emissions. That means the federal limit for emissions has been imposed by various organizations in the world, such as the United Nations. So auto manufacturers need to set the look up table of their vehicles accordingly.If the poison emissions are too high, the computer will notify the driver by comparing the emissions with the data in the look up table. That means the Check Engine alert comes on the dashboard. That way the smoke test can fail.As you probably know, recently it was revealed that Volkswagen Diesel cars made in Germany have increased this emission limit. They may have done just that to show the car’s longevity and health. But it was later revealed. For this reason, Volkswagen will now have to pay the US a billion dollars (not millions, not a mistake) as a fine.The founder of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Posh, would have been embarrassed if he had existed. But whoever does wrong, is wrong. However, the stock price of the Volkswagen Company fell due to this issue. And they had to stop the big erection plan they were hoping for. If for some reason the world’s most sophisticated automobile manufacturer has stopped or postponed the creation of these electric vehicles, it is a great crime. There are many rumors about this.
Tesla claims to have done this to increase the number of Tesla vehicles in the US. Accordingly, the target of one million electric vehicles by the German government, which is expected to be added to Germany’s roads, may not be reached by 2020. Anyway, this story is just one example of how important the emission problem is.
In the meantime, there are important things we need to observe. While electric vehicles are trying to popularize as much as possible in the far-sighted developed countries, politicians in our countries are embracing the dark. They are not interested in popularizing electric vehicles in Sri Lanka either because they cannot escape the grip of India or because some politicians have parts of Indian vehicles. For example, Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi MI. e. V. There is no tax relief for the vehicle. This will eliminate the possibility of a few vehicles coming to the streets of Sri Lanka. As a result, petrol vehicles take the place and attract foreign exchange oil to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka does not need a single drop of sunshine every day. King Parakramabahu then said: “I will not send a drop of water from the sky” . Fortunately, there are some of Unnahe’s loyalists in Sri Lanka. They work from the edge. So, in most developed countries, the annual taxes on electric vehicles or road toll charges are very low, or at least not true. For Zone 1, 2 and 3 in London, the environmental tax on petrol-powered cars will be 500 pounds per year. But the tax on electric vehicles is only £ 5 a year.
But it’s ridiculous to get the toll charges for high-speed motor vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Most electric car owners in Sri Lanka charge it from the sunlight and not from the grid.
In older vehicles and simple vehicles, the PCM or the ECU can control the transmission, but now a separate computer is coming. It is called TCM (Transmission Control Module). But clearly the TCM and the ECU are dealing with each other in the vehicle. In computer language, there is a data exchange. It’s like two departments in an organization. There are differences in what the ECU does in each vehicle.
Perhaps it is the ECU itself that maintains the battery voltage and then commands the circuits needed to keep track of it. Also, when operating the ABS (Antilock brake system), the ECU is the only one to warn you to reduce the engine power. Also, the ECU is the only one that turns off cruise control when the ABS is turned off and the car slips off. (There was a need to see if this work was practicable, but it was almost instinctive.)On a rainy day on the highway, when a cruise controller was driving a friend’s Honda Accord, he suddenly slipped. Cruise control was switched off instantly. Otherwise you can’t tell where the car will go. It’s not wise to do these things on purpose. The other lesson is that Southern high-speed rain is causing water to accumulate on the road, creating small ponds.Be careful when it rains this way. “The automaker’s crazy, life is beautiful, but don’t shorten it for the automobile.” The ECU monitors and controls the vehicle’s air-conditioning system. In this case the ATC (Automatic Temperature Module) is controlled by the ECU. The ATC module controls the temperature of the compressor and the speed of the motor according to the temperature of the air conditioner. This is how it is written. But look at the service manual of the vehicle and decide for yourself how to do it in each vehicle.
Do you think you can fix the error codes in this ECU? Sadly, the answer is not always why. Error codes don’t always give you the right answer. It just leads you to the problem. Let’s give an example. Suppose the check engine light is on.
When you connect the scanner to the error code, it does not mean that something is broken or malfunctioned. The oxygen sensor may have stopped there. Otherwise, the conductor coming from the oxygen sensor may have broken along the way. Let me give you another example. Imagine that one of the cylinders of the vehicle burns incorrectly. (Misfiring) Then the scanner reads a code related to the cylinder misfire . This can be a variety of things. The spark plug has an upset and the coil is messed up. The wire is not connected, the injector is not working properly. The head gasket has a leak in it, so there’s a lot of potential here. That means the technician or engineer still has work. In other words, you have to go through the error code and find the right answer. On the one hand, the simplest of sensors are stupid things. As such, high-end vehicles now have Active Sensors instead of General Sensors. This is where the sensors get rid of the inherent weaknesses. In a previous article I wrote about the Door control module. Active sensors are very similar to that kind of module. They are just in use.