Computers and Modern Vehicles -Part 3

After realizing that the burning of the environment and the atmosphere caused by the burning of petroleum was a reality, automakers had to comply with various environmental laws. Accordingly, these challenges can be overcome to some extent by automakers, who have successfully controlled many parts of the vehicle from computers. In particular, the optimum combustion of oxygen and petroleum in the air combines with maximum energy and the least amount of toxic gases. These drawbacks, as well as the different power gains of each speed, were errors of the old carburetor system. The result was that the carburetor was too complicated. This complexity also increases the number of problems in carburetors.
But when a computer-controlled air-to-oil mixture is delivered to the vehicle, it can be successfully absorbed by the catalytic converter into the environment with the smoke emitted. The constituents of the combustion gases are controlled by the cement computer. Otherwise, the smoke destroys the catalytic converter. This method of accurately mixing air and petroleum is successfully used by computers today.

You know there are a lot of modern vehicle computers. “Processing power” is the ability to analyze data in a computer. To control the engine of a vehicle requires the highest processing power. For this purpose, most of the “Sensors” signals that analyze the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, temperature and other factors are analyzed by the computer. This needs to be done continuously and as long as the vehicle is up and running. And then there are the millions of calculations required by this computer in a short period of time. These factors, among other factors, determine the best combustion time for the plugs, as well as the duration of the injection of the injectors according to the speed of the vehicle. The ‘look up table’ method you may have heard about in the above calculations is used here.
Let me tell you two examples. These techniques are used in modern 4K cameras and in converters to sunlight exposure and energy-generating heat towers. For example, the parabolic dish, which focuses on the heat of the sun, is set to make the most of the heat. Since the sun travels in time, the disk angle must change accordingly. And what happens when the sun shines on the second day? It changes the angle of the disk from the previous day’s data. According to that old data, today you are looking at a “look up table” to determine the angle of the disk. In some cases this is the case with vehicles. The technician who designed the vehicle stored the data in a “look-up table” (memory-free).

Today, we are learning a little bit of that computer language. So there are ways to tell about the speed of computers. The amount of pulses per second is one way. We measure it in units of hertz. But since hertz is a small unit, it can measure in millions of hertz to measure rapid pulses. We call it MHz. Typically, a vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) speeds about 40-50 MHz. In other words, the ECU can understand 40-50 million commands per second. It is possible to act accordingly. That’s a lot less than an average computer. Another measurement is how many conductors the computer can receive and respond to. We call it Bits. Normally an ECU has 32 bits .
Since a computer only responds to digital signals, analog signals coming from different locations of the vehicle need to be converted to digital signals. To illustrate this further, let’s take the engine temperature. Let’s take a metal band that expands and condenses, respectively, when the temperature increases and decreases.The length and shortening of a circuit is the result of voltage. The voltage is broken down into codes. For those who don’t understand this story, see the little example below.
Example: Consider two situations in your life. Suppose it was hungry and drowsy. The normal way of life is as follows:1. I have both hunger and sleep.2. Hungry, but not sleepy.3. Sleepy, but not hungry.4. No sleep, no hunger. Now you have to tell this story in a computer language. Because he doesn’t understand Sinhala. And the other way around. Suppose we have 0 for the stomach and 1 for the stomach. And let’s say 0 on sleep and 0 on sleep. Here we can say 1, 2, 3, 4 instances 1 and 0. Accordingly, the above passages can be written here in the language of the computer. 1.       00
2. 01
3. 10
4. 11 To do this, we need only two wires. In other words, two bits. The above code can be written in terms of (1) or not (0) on each wire signal. That means you can write 4 codes on two wires. In 2, the power of 2 is 4. So here’s how you get the idea for a mindless computer. So if you have 3 wires, how many codes can you make?
It’s a 2, the third power. That means 8 codes. See, the vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) has 32 bits. That means the ECU can make 2 32’s of power. It is up to you to count it. So here’s the way to turn those voltages into digital. That is to say we use electronic circuits called Analogue to Digital Conversion. That ‘s how the bits are converted to digital. For example, temperature 25 degrees, 1001101110 could be. You can see that there are 10 here, 1 and 0. That means the 25 to 10 Bits converted to a digital number from the A to D converter circuit. In the meantime, when such signals are analyzed and sent back to the circuit by the ECU, the reverse of the process may occur. Then the D to A converter (Digital to analogue conversion) is used. These messages can be taken to CAN communication and multiplexers wherever needed. (These are described in the second column, which originally appeared.)
You’ll find there Multiplexer is a plate of rice. De-multiplexing is the process of turning the dish back into its vegetable and rice form in an ECU or other module. The circuit that does that is called De-Multiplexer. So here’s how a vehicle works with Multiplexer, A to D Converters, D to A Converters, De-Multiplexers, and ECU (Engine Control Units). So suppose you have a car problem? Then it will analyze the problem and create a special code for it and send it to the dedicated registry. (Error code and error register.) When you bring a vehicle to the garage you have probably seen, a scanner is installed. See what the automaker does next time. He often records errors in the car and deletes those codes. If those codes don’t come back, there is no problem.If the vehicle problem is temporary, then the problem is over there. But if the error code of a particular problem is repeated after the deletion, you will have to see what the problem is. The above registers are called log dumps in some countries. If the interconnect is connected to the vehicle, the respective vehicle manufacturer can track the log dump. It will help you fix those bugs.
In the event of an error or code, a check engine code or similar message will appear on the vehicle’s dashboard showing what has gone wrong. Each computer has a computer to check the condition of the vehicle. For example, the vehicle’s gearbox position is called the Transmission Controller. And there is another computer that detects errors in ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System).All of these are interconnected. The codes generated by each of these modules go through the CAN communication code described in that second column, wherever required. We call that conductor and that way, why not a bus (not a road …). (Communication bus). Eventually you can view all of those details in a simple and dashboard and with a detail scanner. Today, about a quarter of the vehicles built in 2016 are used on the internet. There may be more in the future. There are many reasons. One of the practical reasons for the future is the need to talk to a vehicle. This enables the vehicle to be driven automatically. You may be able to do other things within the time you spend driving a vehicle. We need to make sure that this internet is not a cyber crime, but rather a cyber crimes. So, like a smart one, it requires advanced anti-virus and anti-hacking software. For the future of the automotive industry, here are some of these. Really, the smartphone in your hand and the car will ever be one. Both have a mobile communication platform called electronic communication Even today, some automakers make mistakes in their designs, using examples from the general world. But for automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, the system has already become obsolete. For example, search for a drag coefficient. Supercomputers use automobiles as well as automated vehicles. Mercedes-Benz’s IAA (Ultra-Aerodynamic Concept) system is one such vehicle. They use this method to create the top class Mercedes Maybach vehicles.Such a vehicle is in the picture. It is a purely computer based vehicle, not using any kind of modeling. Other vehicle manufacturers will use these computer systems for their design.