Computers and Modern Vehicles -Part 2

The conductors in the vehicles help to carry the sensors that the computer needs. But this complicates the vehicle. For example, in a year-round Range Rover like 1984, you could not touch the front-to-back conductor or wire with a single finger. Now what if one of these wires is not working for some reason? Not everything can be found in a scanner. On the other hand, the copper metal for conductors is expensive. So here are a number of ways vehicles can be used to reduce this problem. Before we take a look at some common examples,Some time ago, if a mainboard on a home television failed, it was taken to a television technician to fix it. But how many have tried to build their motherboard when their desktop top computer collapsed? Because the analogue signals in the TV circuit are analogue signals, the same voltage and wavelengths can be observed with a standard multi meter or an oscilloscope. But computers often have digital signals, so you can see if there is a signal or not. The other is the signal bi-directional data that goes in the conductors of the computers. We call that signal a BUS. The two conductors of the same conductor form two-way cells. They operate on multiplexing. There will be details about that later. These are very difficult to find with a standard multi meter or oscilloscope. If not, you have to put the motherboard on again. So the traditional type of multimeter, oscilloscope, etc. is gradually dying out. More than that, the chaos in such a circuit, the US. The S. B. You’ll need to find something like a USB cable (Universal Serial Bus). For example, a multimeter, oscilloscope, etc., are not useful for finding a playout server in a newer communications center.
We have just mentioned the bi-directional data above. Such signals move in the conductors of vehicles these days. So you can use ‘Can Can Control’. (Controller area network -CAN bus) … Have you heard of ancient Sri Lankan epic poems? Do you have any loose memos? A message carries a bird from one place to another. Similarly, a CAN bus carries a message from one location to another without a host computer. In computer science, it’s called Message based protocol. So what’s a loose message is a messaging based protocol … This method for automobiles was invented by German automotive scientists. It has now succeeded. This has made it possible to reduce the use of these highly conductive vehicles. The IC-integrated circuits needed for this purpose were originally designed by Intel and Philips. Thus, in 1988, B.B. M. W. Wm. Group 8 uses the Can Can method.
Gradually, there are computers in the vehicle that can connect to the internet. The other thing is that the use of relatively inexpensive aluminum instead of expensive conductors like copper is on the rise. For example, the Toyota Mira i mobile phone, manufactured by Toyota, uses CAN communication and carries aluminum. Now what if a hacker sends the wrong signal to the CAN Bus?

If you still don’t understand what I’m trying to say, look at this example. Think of a car door. It has a glass raising mechanism. Maybe there’s a rear view mirror attached to the door. There’s a door lock switch. On slightly more expensive vehicles, there is a control panel that adjusts the seats and angles.
Now, if you take the conduit bundle that runs all these components, it’ll be a lot of wire. Here we use the method of multiplexing. To illustrate: A simple everyday example. You are hungry in the room. You tell it to your mother or wife. She goes to the kitchen and brings you a plate of rice. There’s rice and other stuff. She won’t bring you rice, fish or vegetables in the room several times. Now it’s a message-based protocol. In this example, all the signals on the door will go to a Door module. The glass raising system is an analogue signal. Analogue signal is the change of the mirror on the door. They are now being converted to digital. All such signals are converted to digital and packed into one packet and digitally transported to the vehicle. Thousands of packets of this kind are sent from that Door module per second. As a digital signal, only two wires are needed. Effective and good looking, but also a way to create problems. If the two wires are changed externally, the computer connected to the vehicle can be deceived.
In the early days, automakers didn’t even bother to hook up a vehicle. And your grandfather or father who has taken such a car may never have imagined that another person outside would be able to stop the petrol coming into the carburetor. That is why a sabotage cannot operate the vehicle without having contact with the interior of the old car.
The only way to get in the car at that time was to break a glass with an iron rod. Nowadays a smartphone can access a can bus and do the same with accessing the CAN bus. But vehicles created during this era have direct internet connections. Communication methods such as voice commands and Bluetooth P. GPS – Global Positioning System, Eye Gaze Tracking and Driver Monitoring Think of it this way. When you are driving a very modern vehicle on the Southern Highway at speeds of 120 km / h, suddenly the steering gets stuck. Meanwhile, the speed of the vehicle is increasing. The brakes are gone. What’s going on now In other words, you add some old music to your car’s USB player. A virus can cause the vehicle’s brakes to malfunction. So if you look like the science fiction thing today, it’s possible in the future. It really is. A 14-year-old American, hacker professor has hacked a car. He is not just a Windshield Viper.He must have done this by getting on the bus. This boy could be in a dangerous accident while driving.
In the first part of this piece, I wrote about the telephone number of an unsafe place with a train crossing the road. There is a problem if the person handling the gate misbehaves with another person with the intent to harm him. So the question and the answer to it change every day. No matter how well the bank is safe – thieves are inventing new ways to break the bank.
Your enemy, your vehicle can be hacked. If a celebrity is hurt like a president, these kinds of problems are well known in the world. Things like this are very valuable to a terrorist organization. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, tech experts, have hacked a Jeep Cherokee car while traveling ten miles away, proving that this is practically possible.
Here’s a picture of that car. Over 14 lakhs vehicles in the US have been upgraded to anti-hacking software. If you can hack this brand new car, there’s no reason other vehicles can’t hack it .
Here’s why automakers now have to answer these questions. That means you have to think about cyber security. And the thousands of lights around us can affect the vehicle’s computer. Let me tell you something else. Start a Nissan Leaf brand near a private beauty salon in Kollupitiya. Some hybrid vehicles have this problem.In this case, the signal from the remote of the vehicle is distorted by the powerful video signal. Then the computer’s computer won’t respond. The vehicle’s computer thinks the thief is trying to revive the vehicle. As such, its protection system works. There are reasons for this to be in Sri Lanka.It is also a matter of whether the conditions for the power of the radio waves are being implemented properly. Are there any such things in Sri Lanka and related telecommunication department? He must have thought no. Finally, this is not so Sri Lanka. There is a concept called reverse engineering. It’s not something that happened yesterday, it’s been around since the Romans built the Chariot. Someone sees a design. What does it take to make it? The idea is to break the design into pieces and see how it is made. So anyone trying to hack a computer does the same thing.But he is analyzing the software there. Now what can be done to stop the hacker’s actions? You have to think like a hacker. There are other ways to do Reverse Engineering. To protect the Chevy Volt, engineers have developed safe ways to use credit cards. There are several ways to avoid this problem. Let us take another example. Most vehicles today can be locked while traveling. And in an accident, the lock will open. If Cruise Control was in use at that time, it would work.Here a hacker can use these methods to command the computer and blow up the air bags at any time. That is, the method he uses to hack the vehicle is through the vehicle’s remote lock. So automakers have to take a step back. In this case you have to use only one side data instead of using the bi-directional data. What could he do to drive? It is important to use traditional methods. For example, locking the garage in the garage, keeping a close watch on a vehicle, a smartphone, and having a home-made antenna can be helpful. Remember, the Toyota Prius 2008-9 in Sri Lanka can be hacked. In such a case, it is advisable for the vehicle owners to meet with the agents and upgrade the latest software for the vehicle.
Although this does not directly apply to the page, I think it is best to write the following. It is a good idea for a few people to write good links to this page and share their knowledge. It was long ago that I felt that knowledge should be distributed. That’s when Goldfish tried to breed the fish. At that time the concept of inter-water was not coming into the world. Everywhere you went to study it, you covered it. They weren’t even allowed to go to those fish tanks.
Finally, the work of the British Council Library, a few decades old pieces of leather, was captured. Eventually I was able to eat fish and get hands-on experience. He sold the breaded fish in the tanks that filled the garden.Knowledge is not so much divided or lost. On the other hand, that knowledge may become unnecessary for the world. Let’s give an example. There are no valve radios at this time. That knowledge is of little use. Therefore, there is no problem in launching the Knowledge Base today. This means something else. Instead of going one-and-a-half inches by yourself alone, how many people do it together can go one step at a time. This is why Japan, Korea, and China developed.