Are you a Hybrid Car Owner? If so, look at the This article

Hybrid or hybrid cars are popular in Sri Lanka today. Many people dream of buying a Hybrid car. The reason for this hybrid hybrid is that the engine is in addition to the engine, in addition to the hybrid battery when running a vehicle with a hybrid battery The most important thing is the hybrid battery powered by fuel and environmental friendliness. In view of the hybrid car’s heartbeat, the hybrid battery is due to the fact that if all the functions of the hybrid battery fail, all of these functions will fail. This is a fuel saving and eco-friendly.
These hybrid cars need to be cautious about the hybrid battery. Let’s see how we should look at the hybrid battery below.

1) .If you are going to buy or buy a hybrid car, an experienced Hybrid car car dealer can check the “Hybrid Battery and System Health Checkup” or a hybrid battery, check the Hybrid system for proper performance and proper availability, and obtain a report.

2). Once you have purchased a Hybrid vehicle, check with the Scanner for every Hybrid Battery and System Health Check or Hybrid battery, hybrid system and proper performance at proper speed every six months

3). Always test the performance of Hybrid cars and hybrid systems in the hybrid system and the Air Cooling System and the Inverter Cooling System with Coolant. Hybrid cars are the main drivers of hybrid batteries that are the main drivers of hybrid vehicles that are the main cause of weakening of the Hybrid battery. This prevents overheating of the Hybrid battery and its cooling fan and cooling system near the Hybrid battery, Get appropriate technical assistance for this.

It is also imperative that you implement the Air Conditioner (AC) in hybrid cars and you must correct the system in error as soon as possible and take AC service. The errors in the AC system will affect the Hybrid system, and driving without AC and driving down the AC will cause the hybrid battery to become weak.
Inspect the coolant of the Inveter Cooling system mentioned above to be of the correct quality and make sure that only the coolant is applied by the manufacturer only.
4). Next, the most important thing is the Hybrid Battery Service (Hybrid Battery). This hybrid battery should be used once a year, every 30000KM

This Hybrid Battery Service will increase the battery life and will save you from a costly repairs.
Only the experienced Hybrid car engineer who has a good understanding of this hybrid battery service should do this.
The hybrid battery has a DC 200V power and it has a 600V overcurrent overcurrent power supply, so only experienced and well-trained Hybrid cars are required for these vehicle repairs.

In addition, pay attention to the following: * Use the car daily. * Do not stop the hybrid cars from escalating into the sun for a long time (it may not be practical). * Regularly remove the hybrid battery in the car and keep the sucker in the vehicle (vacum).
These hybrid car hybrid cars will be able to optimize the efficiency of these vehicles if they do what they need to do in a timely manner, optimizing the fuel efficiency and eco-friendly.